Cohort 1

If you are classed as living with one or more of the following ‘high risk’ long term condition, being diabetes, heart failure or COPD, we are now looking for people to get involved and try out some of the technology on offer. In this section of the programme we are looking for people aged 55 and over who would be willing to get involved for a period of 6 months and let us have your thoughts on the technology. The types of kit available will be discussed between you and your Care Co-ordinator and you will both agree on which would be of the most benefit to you. As this is a Test Bed, we ask that you take part in some research being undertaken by Lancaster University Centre for Aging Research. This will involve you completing a questionnaire at the start, middle and end of your trial to help us gauge how well the technology has or maybe has not helped you better manage your condition and your overall health.

Details of the types of technology available for use in this category are:

Cambridge Cognition (Cantab Mobile): this is a sensitive memory assessment designed to detect the signs of clinically relevant memory problems.

Philips Motiva: this is a content rich, interactive telehealth platform specifically designed to help empower chronically ill patients effectively manage their long term conditions. Motiva provides a high degree of flexibility allowing the system to be tailored to the illness and acuity level of the patient. Motiva also makes planning tools available to healthcare professionals allowing effective management of chronically ill patients and supporting behaviour change.

Speakset: this is a really simple device designed specially to make video calling accessible for older users.

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