Cohort 2

For Cohort 2 of our programme, we are looking for patients aged 55 and over living with the following long term conditions; COPD, Diabetes or Heart Failure who are classed as medium risk. The trial will last for 6 months. The types of kit available will be discussed with you and your Care Co-ordinator and you will both agree on which would be of the most benefit to you. As this is a Test Bed, we ask that you take part in some research being undertaken by Lancaster University Centre for Aging Research. This will involve you completing a questionnaire at the start, middle and end of your trial to help us gauge how well the technology has or maybe has not helped you better manage your condition and your overall health.

Types of kit available:

Cambridge Cognition (Cantab Mobile): this is a sensitive memory assessment designed to detect the signs of clinically relevant memory problems.

Simple Teleheath (Flo): this is an SMS messaging system to help clinicians develop innovative and practical ways to help patients help themselves by:

  • improving adherence to treatment plans through encouragement, reminders and regular contact;
  • regularly collecting self-reporting data and providing instant feedback;
  • enabling improvements in clinical team productivity and outcome quality;
  • engaging patients in their own health and social care plans.

Intelesant: this is an online app to enable patients to track their symptoms of COPD and activate their plan if symptoms worsen. Patients are able to invite others to share their plan and to securely message their connected people and clinical team. The clinical team is also able to access a daily report.

Philips Motiva: this is a content rich, interactive telehealth platform specifically designed to help empower chronically ill patients effectively manage their long term conditions. Motiva provides a high degree of flexibility allowing the system to be tailored to the illness and acuity level of the patient. Motiva also makes planning tools available to care providers allowing effective management of chronically ill patients and supporting behaviours change.

To get involved with this cohort please contact your care team.

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