Cohort 3

For Cohort 3 of our programme, we are looking for patients living with the following long term conditions; COPD, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Hypertension, Chronic Heart Failure or Asthma and are classed as low risk. This could be someone who has a recent diagnosis.  The trial will last for 6 months. The types of kit available will be discussed with you and your Care Co-ordinator and you will both agree on which would be of the most benefit to you. As this is a pilot project, we would ask if you could complete a questionnaire at the start, middle and end of the trial period to help us gauge how well the technology has or maybe has not helped you better manage your condition and your overall health.

Types of kit available:

uMotif: this is a digital app which provides clinically tested personalised tools which help patients track their symptoms, medications and health to improve self-management and enhance shared decision making with care teams. The uMotif platform compromises attractive, simple and clinically robust mobile and web apps for patients; data reporting and web dashboards for care teams; and data reporting for providers and commissioners.

If you would like to take part in this cohort, please complete this expression of interest form and a member of the team will contact you.

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