Cohort 4

Cohort 4 is focused specifically on patients who have a mild to moderate dementia diagnosis. The technology available within the cohort is made up in the main of reminiscence therapy, whereby patients can complete online ‘About me’ stories which will help prepare for when their symptoms inevitably deteriorate. This cohort can also utilise technology from the other three cohorts should they also be experiencing physical ill-health. This cohort also places an emphasis on carer support and how the technology can be used to support carers as well as the patients.

Types of technology available:

  • Speakset: this is a really simple device designed specifically to make video calling accessible for older users
  • Philips Motiva: this is a content rich, interactive telehealth platform specifically designed to help empower chronically ill patients effectively manage their long term conditions. Motiva provides a high degree of flexibility allowing the system to be tailored to the illness and acuity level of the patient. Motiva also makes planning tools available to care providers allowing effective management of chronically ill patients and supporting behaviours change.

The Good Things Foundation; this organisation will provide support and coaching with the use of technology and access to support groups within the voluntary sector.

Case Studies


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