How will this programme help me in my role?

The aim of this programme is to empower patients living with long term conditions to self-manage their care and take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. We hope that the technology chosen within this programme will do just this. What this means for healthcare professionals is that patients are more aware of their illness and steps they can take to improve their outcomes, which in turn means that staff are able to spend more time visiting patients with a more urgent need for a home visit. In addition, if people are managing their healthcare better, this could ultimately lead towards a reduction in unnecessary GP appointments or A&E visits.

Healthcare staff are an important part of this programme as we need you to help us identify patient you feel may be interested in this pilot. There are information sheets you can download and print out here to let patients know what we are doing and how it could help them, or you could direct them to the patient zone on this website. All staff will receive training on how to use the different technology available and the benefits it can bring to both them and their patient and/or their carers.

If you think you have a patient(s) who may benefit from taking part in this Test Bed.

Please note that by identifying patients you feel may benefit from involvement in the Test Bed programme, your funding as a practice will not be effected.  

If you would like to discuss the programme further with a member of the team please email and we will contact you or please call 07506 127843.

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