Based in Manchester UK with close links to the local councils, NHS organisations, academic community and volunteer groups Intelesant’s technology makes it easy to gather and share information about an individual’s well-being, particularly functional ability, every day.

Intelesant and clinicians from Lancashire Care worked together to develop the ‘How are you today?’ mobile app. It is a connected symptoms diary for those with long term conditions that was initially developed to enable people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) to manage their condition and symptoms on a daily basis. It features patient registration and tracking via N3 website, daily diary, recommended actions based on progression of diary, eetetext or voice messaging, friends and family access to data and messages controlled by the patient. The app includes the ability to add in family members to support the individual, and the ability for clinicians to securely view the information to support remote consultations and decision making about future treatments.

The app has been designed with older people and their carers to improve the identification of flare ups and then support the initiation of their self management strategies which treat the exacerbation.  It also supports the identification of decline over time, or poor self management which enables the clinicians to intervene and identify the steps necessary for the patient. 

Finally, the system enables the individual patient to recruit their own support network and therefore boost the number of effective self managers. In the long term these interventions will improve patient outcomes and reduce admissions as exacerbations are managed in primary care and functional activities are maintained for longer.

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