Simple Shared Healthcare Ltd (SSHL) is a Social Enterprise without share capital.  It has been set up as an NHS members’ organisation with a Social Objective to help organisations to use the NHS’s Simple Telehealth methodology and related products and services, for the benefit of the patients they care for. Tele-health systems, when accompanied with self-care strategies and other means of support, can provide excellent care for patients and put their families at ease that their loved ones will be taken care of. The work of this test bed is essential to help further understand the benefits of tele-health systems and self-help education tools and will help perfect the system so that many more patients can enjoy the benefits in the near future.

Provision of the Florence Simple Telehealth service, implementation & design know how and support.

Provision of the web based Florence Simple Telehealth text messaging service improves patients engagement, involvement and adherence to shared clinical management plans.

The service is condition agnostic ranging from mental health, COPD, diabetes to Parkinson's and medication adherence.  It is effective at increasing compliance and adherence to shared clinical management plans above the level achievable under normal care, educating patients to manage their condition and to participate in their own care. 

The system provides for a range of applications, from structured centrally designed protocols through to innovative development of protocols for individual patients needs.  The system is designed to help patients in a closed loop environment, promoting self-reliance and independence, but also has works equally effectively with sharing 'readings/responses' with clinicians in the traditional manor with notifications of alerts where appropriate.

Members of the Simple Telehealth Community of Practice have shared case studies and examples of the methodology in action plus peer reviewed journal articles, NICE and other guidelines where the method is cited.  Some currently available for public view are shared on

An overview from The Health Foundation including diabetes and Asbestosis patients can be found at

The Simple Telehealth methodology and Florence messaging platform are designed to allow clinicians to innovate and to develop clinically appropriate protocols for large cohorts and/or individual patients.  Clinicians throughout the Community of Practice are committed to sharing their learning with Simple Telehealth and Florence beyond organisational, regional and national boundaries.  The test bed has access to this knowledgebase and network of contacts.


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