The first part of the evaluation of the programme is for patients to sign a consent form telling us they are happy to take part in the research. A member of the Test Bed team will come out and speak to you about the consent form and will explain what each section means. There are two forms to consider:

Form 1: this form gives us your consent to take part in the Test Bed and to agree to completing surveys at the start, middle and end of your 6 months with the project. By completing the surveys at each point, this will allow the research team to monitor how well the equipment is working for you and how this is having an impact on your overall health and wellbeing as well as your ability to self-manage your care. All patients signing up to the Test Bed will be required to complete this form.

Form 2: this form will give us your consent to participating in more in-depth research by way of having one to one interviews with members of the research team to discuss your experience in more detail. Participation in this stage is optional.

Case Studies


I am a Healthcare Professional


I am a Patient