SpeakSet is the world’s simplest remote care service. We provide a video connection from doctors and nurses to the one device older people are most familiar with, their TV at home.

For patients SpeakSet is a set-top box that converts any TV into a video calling device and is operated by a simple remote control. Clinical teams can video call patients through speakset.com on their pc or laptop. SpeakSet is in use around the country within Clinical Commissionng Groups (CCGs), Community Interest Companies (CICs), care homes, hospices and NHS Trusts.

Teaming up with Philips Healthcare the SpeakSet kit will be used to connect clinicians from a central hub to LCIA’s high intensity patient cohort (cohort 1) to improve communication and allow patients to stay at home for as long as possible.

In addition SpeakSet has been adopted to:

  • Save travel time
  • Avoid admissions
  • Promote independence at home
  • Tackle isolation and loneliness

Uses Include:

  • Virtual consultations with clinicians
  • Welfare checks
  • Mediation prompts
  • Care coordination
  • Befriending

SpeakSet is particularly effective when connecting multiple services. This is easy to do and makes it possible to focus on patient-centric care delivery.

SpeakSet enables more effective communication, instantly, and without the need to travel. This means doctors and nurses can spend more time caring and less time travelling. Once installed in the home there is no end to the number of people or services that can access that patient for free. This means family, friends and social care can use the SpeakSet web platform to video call the patient. There are strong links between using SpeakSet for reducing social isolation, promoting independent living and improving quality of life.

Most recently we have been able to show £7,500/yr savings per patient doing medication and welfare checks over video, saving community nurse consultation time by 40% (plus the additional travel savings) and are tripling the CNS capacity from 2 visits/day to 6 visits/day in a hospice.




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